how much $ for a ranco.

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Jan 24, 2007
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What do you guys think a good deal for a ranco temp controller? i have one priced out $55 withshipping. is that decent?
I paid that for my first one and 41 for my last one. I think that for a new ranco those prices seem to be the high and low if you are looking for a good deal.
Henry Hill said:
Still hasn't left feedback, though, even after 2 emails.
:off: If someone "begs" for feedback, I tend not to leave it. eBay feedback is overrated, and I can't stand "feedback whores." If you were happy with the results of the auction, leave positive feedback, and let the seller do as he pleases. ...and let us know so that we can benefit from the good price as well.

Sorry, Henry - I'm not trying to call you names or insinuate anything about you, specifically. I'm just giving a possible "seller's perspective" on feedback and/or the lack thereof.
Yuri, as stated by Ebay, feedback is the basis of the online trading game.

When I buy something, I hold up my end of the deal, pay promptly, and expect only to receive a positive feedback adding to my rating score. Glowing, over-enthusiastic, +++++!!!!!, I don't need or want. As a seller, once the item is paid for, the buyer's obligation is met. On the seller's 'My Ebay' page, 'Need To Leave Feedback' is noted until that task is completed. It must be deleted, to go away, which is a conscious act of selfishness. On my 'Ebay Summary', the same is true. The same is true for 'Ask Seller A Question'; this must also me purposely deleted to 'go away'...

I withhold feedback from a seller until I have received feedback. If not offered, I remind them of the pending task. Most anty up on the first request; I gave this guy two chances-two emails, just to see what he would do.

If this is too much for the seller to do, after a 30 day time period, I will then leave feedback that the seller was too selfish to acknowledge my due recognition of the transaction, properly conducted, and rate the communication as poor and buyer concerns unanswered. This is not only a right, but a duty. We are not in an alley by a trash dumpster.

I beg nothing; and only request what is right by the policy of Ebay and the common courtesy of any type of peddler.

Apparently, some sellers feel their obligations are complete once the payment clears.

Just my buyer's perspective, but thanks for the look into your conscience.