How many yeast cells are in a 5 g batch :-)

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Too many variables. It's dependent on initial yeast health, aeration rates, OG of the wort they are put into, # of cells initially pitched via a starter (see Mr Malty).
This may be relevant.I spotted a section that talks about cells/ml at at a % of alcohol.
I'm afraid I'm not really interested enough to read or study it but it may help those who are.
Using MrMalty's numbers, I'm going to say "on the order of one trillion."
5.25 gallons of 1.13 OG lager calls for a 20L simple starter with O2 at start with 2 liquid yeast packs at 99% viability to make 900 billion cells.
Well, if memory serves me correctly, a liquid yeast pack grown with a starter will have about 225 billion cells at pitching time. However, they then go through another growth phase. I would not be surprised to see it double. So my very uneducated guess is somewhere around 400-500 billion.
5.25 gallon needs a 20L starter?
Is that a typo?

20L is around 5.25 gallon.

Orfy, I think it is correct if we assume a couple of things. The slower generation time of lager yeast compared to ale yeast (all things equal), the OG of the target wort, and the fact that a simple starter (non-agitated) is going to simply ferment rather than get the yeast into a strong growth phase by the presence of oxygen. Another strong mathematical case for a stir-plate.
I think he was just jacking up the og on the calculator until it called for a 5 gallon starter, then the calculator would tell him how much yeast is in the 5 gallon starter.
Hey I already answered this! Either didn't post or got deleted. Anyway, there are 37 cells of yeast in a 5G batch. :cross:

Your original post was deleted (as were a couple others); let's try and keep the conversation on topic.

I'm all for banter here and then, but threads just explode into a giant pile of poo too quickly.