How many gallons of BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde have been brewed?

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3481 + 5 = 3486

brewed last night, completely vanilla no changes or tinkering other than fermenting with US-05. hit my numbers square on the head.
3486+5=3491. Horrible efficiency... I think i am either losing enough wort in the HERMS coil and plumbing during step mashing to cause a problem, or my hydrometer calibration is off. what are your beers finishing at with the Notty? my first batch went 1.036-1.005. this one is on the same course. Still hitting the 4% ABV i guess, maybe it is the the hydrometer.
3491+10=3501 Brewed it and hit everything spot on looks good in the fermenter. Have 2 kegs standing by and ready to fill. Even have an open tap.
3501+5=3506 my last batch went quick. I love it. Im going to dry hop this batch with 1oz cascade but the base recipe is amazing. Everyone loves it who I gave it to.
3506 + 3 = 3509. Finally bottled the small batch that I brewed a month and a half ago. Very clear and the sample tasted great - can't wait to pop a bottle or two in a few weeks.
Late addition before the new year is upon us. 11 gallons of BM's Centennial Blonde. Brewed back in September. All gone now.




If I make it again I will either not use notty or ferment below 60. This was way to fruity for my tastes fermenting at 68(wort temp)
3622 + 5 = 3627

This was my first AG/BIAB brew (coming from extract). Figured a simple recipe like this should make for a great first try. And since it seems to be a good brew, I'm excited for it. Hit my OG at 1.041.
Just brewed my first 5 gallons on Thursday. Can't wait to try this one!

3644 + 5 = 3649
3649 + 5 = 3654

This has turned out to be a great beer! I plan on brewing a 10gal batch for the summer.
3661 + 5.5 =


My first brew of this. Patiently awaiting it carbing up in the bottles now.

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