How many gallons brewed in 2024?

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Tried out Nate's simple tree house recipe on YouTube to start the year off. Except I used citra, simcoe, and idaho 7. (5 gallons)

Cali common (5 gallons)
Citra, Azacca, Bru-1 NEIPA (5 gallons)
Peach wheat carbing up right now (5 gallons)

20 gallons total

Planning another 5 gallon NEIPA next week. Finished the keg of my last one too fast lol. Then I might do a helles after that...

1405 + 20 =
No apologies allowed in this forum...I have realized I need to give these more time. ;)
Adding some time to the boil can be good too.

Did a short boil on a Czech lager a while back and got a double whammy of DMS and Diacetyl and got a beer with a rancid butter aroma and flavor.
@hilljack13 Maibock is one of my favorite styles to brew. Patients grasshopper, patients is the phrase I always employ when making a Maibock and or Octoberfest but it is so well worth it. I still do them old school, triple decoction mash, true to style ingredients, 6 to 8 weeks of lagering and patients.

Enjoy your practices with this one as it is a labor of love with delicious rewards.