how many apples = a gallon of juice?

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My wife bought an old antique cider press a few months back and we decided to go ahead and use it (as opposed to "preserve" it). So far, we've made a 5 gallon batch of cider and a 5 gallon batch of perry. It took about 2 bushels to make a 5 gallon batch of cider and the same for the perry. According to Wikipedia, a bushel is 35.23907017 liters of fruit. I don't feel like doing the math since I've had a few tonight and would probably get it wrong, but this might point you in the right direction.

How exactly are you planning on turning the apples into juice? If you don't have a press or a juicer, it might be mighty hard to get a good yield. What kind of yeast do you plan on using? Do you plan on adding sugar of any type?
i dont have a press, but i think my dad has a juicer that i could borrow.

i've only made 2 batches so far, neither has finished, so i would adjust my sugar according to how these come out.

both batches have 5 gal of juice, 2 lbs of brown sugar, and champagne yeast. the difference between them is the first batch has a pound of raisins, while the second has 2 pounds of pear.
Oh man, don't use a juicer. You'll regret it, it'll take way too long and be too much work! What part of the country do you live? If you live in Apple growing country, try to find a press at a farm that will do your apples or an independent one.

I go to a local press, did about 9 bu, got over 25 gallons, I think (not exactly sure)...I might have posted it a while back. The thing is with a press, the more you fill it the better your yield, at least with a big press. Dunno about the small hand crank ones, but I imagine it would be true to a degree as well.
I'll have to look around, im in Connecticut, and there are a lot of local orchards around here, but apple season in a ways off, so i got time to check into it.
definitely DON'T use a juicer. I did this and I lost a lot of juice from my apples in the pulp. I will either buy unpasteurized cider next time or rent a press somewhere.
termeric said:
assuming i was going to press my own apples.

I usually see anywhere from 2 to 3 gallons from a bushel of apples, depending on how juicy the apples are and how much you pulverize them.

Freezing the apples before you mash them is a good way to get a bit more juice, because it breaks up the cell walls.
I'm finding with a juicer I'm using ~10 per pint so 80 per gallon.
5 boxes per fermenter. Take a look at my 4000 apples thread.

I have the availabilty of 65 boxes or around 65 Gallons (UK)

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