How long does it take to lose significant carbonation after venting headspace?

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Mar 21, 2023
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In this case there's a good 8 gallons of headspace (bottling strait from a unitank) and the equilibrium pressure I carbonate at will be 10 PSI (32 degrees F), and we would vent it down to a regulated 6 PSI to use a Blichmann beer gun.

I'm a bit concerned how fast I need to get the bottling done, because most people don't seem to bottle whole batches with the blichmann but more like a six pack at a time. I'm going to be bottling 2 cases worth this time.

I wonder if I should try to use a super long beer line in order to avoid lowering the pressure, 10 PSI isn't super duper high right?. Seems relevant:, according to that the 10ft 3/16" vinyl line that ships with the Blichmann beer gun should have basically no PSI at the end with a source at either 6 or 10 PSI so that's confusing.

I'm guessing the average way people use the blichmann is at 38 degrees F and their keg would be 10-12 PSI before venting.

Obviously I'm going to refrigerate the bottles and the star san I sanitize them with and bottle with a two man team and cap each bottle as it is filled.
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