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Mar 1, 2013
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I am a massive Toronto Maple Leafs Fan, and I had this idea the other night to brew a blue beer for their opening game to enjoy with friends. Realistically the only way to get a blue beer would be to brew a very light cream ale (yellow+blue= green=bad).

I want to try to brew this beer with wyeast 2124 at ale temperature ~65F. The only issue is I am a bit tight with time. I have exactly 5 weeks to go grain to glass and I am not sure if I will have time to let potential off flavours from this strain of yeast (at ale temps) disapate. My plan was to do a 1 week primary and 1 week secondary. Bottle carbonate at room temp for 10 days than cold condition the bottles for 10 days. Is this possible? Should I simply stick with US-05 yeast? I know you can ferment high with 2124... but I am not sure if the beer will need a few extra weeks to clean up possible egg flavours given off by the lager yeast at high temps. Any help or experience with 2124 at ale temps would be appreciated.

My Recipe is along the lines of:
2.6 SRM
75% American pilsner
25% Flaked Rice
16 IBU Saaz (60min)
1 IBU Saaz (5min)
Mash 90 min at 152F, 90 min boil.

I was planning on doing a secondary on mashed up blueberries to try to get some blue colour naturally and than dousing the beer with blue food colouring. I feel like the subtle blueberry flavour will blend well with saaz and add a touch of tartness.


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Mar 31, 2013
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I don't know if it was just me, or if I didn't account for the nature of the blueberries, but one time I did a 5 gal batch of bavarian Hefe
I bottled 3 gallons, and racked one gallon on strawberries and another on blueberries (red wheat and blue for the fourth of July)
Anyways, the plain hef and the strawberry hef carb'd nicely, but the blueberry one never carbonated. Idk if it was the acidic nature of the blueberry, or if I did something wrong.
But if it has something to do with blueberries, then I'd let the beer ferment, then add the food coloring and bottle.