How long can i leave must before adding yeast?

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Oct 25, 2021
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Hi! I prepped my (very ripe) grapes, elderberries & blackcurrants yesterday & added the camden tablets to the must. It half-fills a big tub, covered with a tea towel. It's now 32hrs later & I went to add my wine yeast & nutrient, only to discover that I don't have any! I actually have cider yeast & nutrient. I've ordered some online, but it won't arrive til Wednesday pm, so it would be 3 days since adding camden tablets. Do I need to do a 2hr round trip to the shops to see if I can get wine yeast, should I use cider yeast or should I leave it as it is until Wednesday? I'd hate it to spoil after all the effort & the must looks & smells lovely! Tia! 🙂
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