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Nov 7, 2007
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Ok, the thing is I brewed a American Pale Ale today and just got through pitching the yeast about 4 hours ago. I checked the fermenter 5 minutes ago and noticed that their is air coming out of the airlock which I thought was quite weird since it has only been 4 hours :S is this good? bad? or just nothing at all? I pitched the yeast in the wort when it was about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe not the smartest move, but since it's cold in the house I thought the temperature would cool down after a while. Did this contribute to such a quick start for the yeast? The yeast is a Dry Ale Yeast US-05. Thanks.
Hey there,

I'm not exactly super experienced or anything, in fact I just finished my 3rd kit about 20 minutes ago, but in my previous two kits I think I pitched right at about 80F and didn't have fermentation problems. Also, both of my previous kits started bubbling within about 3 hours. No problems yet. So I guess in about a month we can do a cyber cheers :mug:
It's quite possible, and your pitching temperature is certainly a contributing factor. I think you'll be just fine, but I'd definitely get your fermenter down to 70 or below as soon as possible.

US-05 is great stuff, by far my favorite yeast, and a good match for an APA. What hops did you use? With my APA, I use Magnum for bittering, and cascade for aroma.
O really? This is actually my second kit. Will start a third one in about two weeks :) (London Porter). Well, I hope all goes well for both our batches of beer. Cheers!
I used Cascade hops for bittering and flavoring and some Willamette hops for aroma. I am doing a kit from Their signature Yellow Dog Pale Ale, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try! Seems like the quick start has warmed up the wort, the bucket feels quite warm, but it should cool down soon. It is getting quite cold as I speak. Thanks for the replies :)
As you brew more, you'll notice that when the wort is warm at pitching, the yeast take off VERY quickly, BUT your beer will have more fruity esters.... Don't worry, it'll be good for sure, just a tiny bit different than if you'd have cooled the wort a little more. The trick is matching this effect to the style of beer you want. If a crisp taste with little fruity overtones is what you want, chill that wort down to 70F. If you want it crispier still, you'll have to look into lager beers. Welcome to the obsession:)
So many things to learn, but I'm more then willing! It sure is an obsession :) Just hope this batch comes out pretty good. I will be careful next time, but I do feel I did much better brewing this batch then when I did the other. So things are looking up.
It will get easier with every batch. And the learning is never ending.

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