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It's been over 11 years o_O
I just remember I started baking artisan bread and it was so tasty I wanted to go onto the next phase of brewing tasty beer.
I had brewed with some terrible kits in the 90's when I was a student but then gave up on it after a few batches.
Over the years I read that supplies for home brewers had improved immensely and it was totally possible to brew a good quality beer at home.
The success with the bread encouraged me to give it another go but with all grain this time.
I did a lot of research and ended up finding loads of useful information on this site, so I signed up.
I was traveling the portals of the interweb in search of history. The 1st President of the United States of America got me thinking. Having visited his home at Mount Vernon got me excited about a few things. Being a brewer, my interest was piqued while wandering his farm. I found a hops system that was growing 16 very healthy vines. I started searching out recipes and found this amazing forum. So stoked to have done just that.

All I need to do is bottle my current batch of Marzen and then it is time to experiment with GW's Brew or at least what would be considered GW's beer.
Welcome! :mug:

Please let us know how you found ....
I was looking for information about making pear mead. I have a wonderful Bosc pear tree and am always looking for new idea for what to do with my harvest. Bosc are too sweet to make a good cider but mead seemed like a good option. I’ve made wine from grapes grown in our backyard in a previous home and love the process. Plus my dad was a brewing chemist for part of his career so it’s fun to get him involved.
Howdy. I found this place searching for hops varieties that would grow well in TX (30 degrees latt) which is pushing the range quite a bit . First time I had ever heard of Amalia and Neo (neomexicanus) hops. Thanks Guys.