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r/clevercomebacks - Peta vs old bay billboard battle

My second progeny moved to MD and after about 6 months was saying that the one thing that got to her the most was the ceaseless and prodigious use of Old Bay on EVERYTHING. Also putting the MD flag on everything. Everywhere. Then adding Old Bay.

I sent her this double billboard post a while back and she laughed until she cried.
My mom's side is from Maryland, I lived there some as a kid and my grandfather worked in a marina. He would bring bushels home on a regular so I've been around them all my 39 years. Now my uncle is the only one left on that side of the family but he still goes crabbing and we get to feast a few times a year with him. I would legit cry if I couldn't eat them.
Take out the "roundy roundy" part & this pretty much explains nuclear power.

Show of hands: who DIDN'T know nuclear power was really just steam power?
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The "Roundy Roundy" step comes in between the steam and the "Sparky Sparky". Steam turns a turbine which turns a generator which makes the sparky sparky.

But yeah... nuclear is just hot rocks. Think about the glowing rocks from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:


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