Hot Cheese Dip

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Aug 22, 2007
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Melbourne, Fl
This is the best stuff, every time I make it people beg me for the recipe. So I thought I would share with my buddies.

1 roll of jimmy dean sausage, I prefer hot but what ever floats your boat.
1 can of rotel
1 large brick of velveta cheese.

Pan cook the sausage till brown. Chop it up and crumble it pretty good.
Drain the fat and throw it in a crock pot on low.
Toss the velveta and entire can of rotel, juice and all, in there too.
Let cook for an hour and serve with tortilla chips.

If yah need it quicker pot the crock pot on high till it is all about melted then switch it to low. The stuff will get nasty thick if you leave it on high heat too long.
not sure what a can of rotel is....but you can also use a small can of Chili Relish. it adds some heat, but doesn't make it unbearable for those who don't tolerate spicy stuff well.

i even splash a little worchestershire sauce in mine for the saltiness and liquid. only a tablespoon per brick of velveeta.
Never thought about adding worchestershirer.

Here is what rotel looks like.
Rotel is great stuff. I use it when I cook up a pot of chili. I always forget all about making cheese dip for parties. So easy and so delicious!
I've made this exact recipe before! In fact, I made it Christmas Eve. Handed down to me from my Mom. If it gets too thick in the crock pot over the course of an evening, stir in a little milk.
I love making rotel dip. A real good easy variation is a couple cans of rotel, a can or two of Hormel chili, a block of Velveta and a can of refried beans.

Talk about a gut bomb! But its worth it!
Sounds just like the dip that we have at all our parties. MMMMMMMMM... sausage and cheese.