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Jun 20, 2008
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I've been brewing with kits for awhile now and am ready to start experimenting with new recipes. Has anyone ever tried Bell's Hopslam? It's probably the best beer I've ever tasted. It is super hoppy (as suggested by the name) and has a high ABV of about 10%, but it is also pretty light in your stomach at the same time.

I've heard that a good starting place would be an Imperial IPA recipe and also that adding a lot of sugar in the boil will help give it the light effect.

Anyone have any ideas as to where I might get started on a recipe for this brew beast?


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Feb 10, 2008
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Reed City, MI
From previous thread...

Default my hopslam attempt

Here was my attempt. I just kegged it yesterday and it is in all modesty, quite good. It is definitely a full-strength double IPA. The honey flavor is subtle and gives it a "smoothness". Definitely bitter, but balanced enough with all that honey... I don't think I can find Hopslam anymore to really compare. I do remember a grapefruit-like aroma that I didn't quite get from my attempt.

12 lb Maris Otter
1 lb Munich
1 lb Cara-Pils
1 lb Crystal 20
2 lb Clover Honey (Costco) 45 minutes
1 lb Clover Honey 10 minutes
1 lb Clover Honey 0 minutes

1 oz Pacific Gem Leaf 60 minutes
1 oz Pacific Gem Leaf 45 minutes
1 oz Columbus Pellet 30 minutes
1 oz Simcoe Pellet 10 minutes
1 oz Simcoe Pellet 0 minutes
1 oz Pacific Gem Leaf Dry Hop

Wyeast 1056 (I wanted to use 1272 but it wasn't available).

I brewed this at the end of Feb, so it was in the secondary for a while. I fermented at a low temp - in the 60-65 degree range. I read a lot of different stuff about using honey, so this was somewhat experimental. I think it turned out great.

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Dec 14, 2006
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Missoula, Montana
Here's my recipe for Honey IPA. It was inspired by Hopslam but I couldn't find any recipes out there so I just gave it a try.
9 lbs US 2row
2 lbs munich
2 lbs crystal 60
2.5 lbs bulk wildflower honey

.8 oz Columbus 60 minutes
.6 oz Nugget 60
1 oz Cascade 20
1 0z Cascade 0-5 minutes
.9 oz cascade Dry Hop in Keg

Wyeast NW Ale
It is still on tap and delicious. It has aged nicely in the keg (about 10 weeks). it's a smooth 7.7 percent but not as hoppy as I would have like. I would secondary condition it for a few months or more and dry hop copiously next time, to let the honey mellow and mingle. I kegged it when it was really fresh, cause I had just got my kegs set up and was anxious. Honey takes a while to clear (like in meads) and Ive watched this beer go from a cloudy copper to a really clear and coppery. Anyway, Id love to hear other peoples experiences with Honey IPA. keep it up

PS: I also tried a Honey Brown, using 2.5 lbs honey. Im letting that age a bit until cooler temps.


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Jan 17, 2007
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I bought 2- 6 packs of Hop Slam last month and it is extremely good thats all I have for ya.