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You might want to check out Midwest. Their site says an update on the 2008 crop is coming out soon, but they still have a prices listed for Saaz instead of the 'temporarily out of stock' message that's on so many other varieties.
Sterling is supposed to be a decent replacement hop for Saaz, you may have more luck with that american grown variety than the czech varieties, they had a really bad harvest due to hailstorms and a wet growing season.
My local HBS owner has better prices and equal availability as compared to the big mail order places (NorthernBrewer/Midwest). I would check with yours.

Since he sells face to face, he's a little more commited to serving his customers. NorthernBrewer literally says on their website that that are ripping you off to discourage you from buying too many hops.
I went into a home brew shop the other day and bought 8 oz of SAAZ pellets, the guy looked at me like I was crazy, since I only need 2oz for a recipe, but I know they are hard to find right now so I got some extra.
AND, due to the shortage, you now have to prove you're brewing organic beer.

***NOTICE: Hop Purchase Limitations As of 1/10/08*** Due to the current hop shortage we are restricting orders for hops to be sure we will have a reliable supply that our regular customers can count on. If you place an order for hops and have not made a purchase from us prior to September 1 2007, your order will be refused unless it contains enough organic brewing ingredients to brew at least one 5 gallon batch of organic beer. If you have purchased organic brewing ingredients (including malts or kits) from us prior to September 1, 2007 or you can prove to us that the other ingredients you are brewing with are also organic, we will fulfill the order. Our cooperatively owned business is dedicated to promoting all organic beer, brewed only with organically grown malt and hops. Currently there are not enough organic hops available to brew enough 100% organic beer to meet the current demand. As a result, we have pledged to only sell our organic hops to brewers who can verify they are using the hops to brew organic beer. We are also restricting retail sales to a reasonable limit of 2 lbs per person. Orders that contain more than 2 lbs of hops will be adjusted as we see fit and no more than 2 lbs. will be shipped.***
chriso said:
Ryan, I just called, they have magnum at BIY-TX.
The web store isn't working right now (I tried to buy 4 more pounds last night :D ) but if you email Ray on the page I linked above, he can help you out.

Thanks. Actually, some of our good fellow brewers have PM'd me and I should be set with Magnum for my 08 brewing year now.

I love this site.
OK, I pulled the trigger on 3 more lbs of hops. 1-Pacific Gem pellet, 1-Simcoe pellet, and 1-Magnum pellet. Prices are great, and Ray's a nice guy to talk to. Look forward to trying Pac Gem in a recipe! :)
Great find, Chriso. Those prices are very nice. I'd jump on them in a second, but I've been financially down on my luck. I can only work part time these days because I've been taking care of my mom, who's very sick. :(