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Jul 25, 2006
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Along the lines of the Chinook beer thread. Maybe we could get a sticky or something where people could post the names of commercial beers that are known to contain a certain hop where that hop is distinctive. Something along the lines of having a list of the major hops used in brewing, and then a place for people to enter beers that are known to use that hop (as a main component, not just one of several). What I'm looking for is a way to help learn hop flavors by buying beers that exemplify a particular hop. Like Anchor steam (original) using just Northern Brewer for hops. Lake Placid Brewing's IPA is all Amarillo, etc. Preferably documented hop in the recipes. Of course one would have to taste beers of several styles all with the same hop to get the best appreciation of that hops flavor.

Maybe this could be done as an addition to the Hops variety section of the Wiki. Have people put the beer names there under the already present individual hop pages and maybe a sticky at the top of this forum section with a direct link to the wiki hop varieties page.


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Jan 30, 2007
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I have tried to get this going on several different boards. It always dies after 5 or six posts. Maybe we can keep it going here.

Centenial......Bells Two Hearted Ale
Cascade......Sierra Nevada
Hallertau Mittlefruh......Sam Adams Boston Lager
Crystal......Rogue Brutal Bitter
Fuggles.....Old Speckled Hen