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May 12, 2007
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Last year i purchased enough hops to last through this years harvest, my hops produced more than expected, 1 year plants put i jump started them in a greenhouse. I have several questions about using hops from non established bines, and what makes good substitutions as i have several varieties that i have never used before.

first question is about Zues, will it substitute well for galeana and magnum, I have alot of Zues(the plant did quit well) if i use like 15% zues in most recipes i will have enough bitter hops and lots of zues left over, which includes useing some young galeana and a tad of young magnum. What can i expect for a flavor change, i know i don't like chinook hops what hop is zues closet to in flavor, i have used most hops, just never zues

second question, i know alfa acids are low in young planting but are the aromatic values low also, i have plenty of hops for aroma, i found a package of cascade lost in my freezer after buying enough to last through november, would still be a bit short on the year but got a good cascade hop harvest concidering they are 1 year old plants, my delema here is should i use the cascades i have in the early additions and save the immiture ones for the finally 5 minute biols(for aroma) or mix the two and add some of what i bought at each stage and some that i grew at each stage. i have other immiture hops i will be using for aroma and and mixing with the ones i bought this last winter. i also have a tad of cenntinial, brewers gold, and nugget i will be using in place of some of the cascades i normally at at 60 minutes, i have used most of those before but i realize that there acid level will be low, but have enough that i can add extra to compinsate, do i need to add extra on the aroma hops in the final stages too.

any input would be helpful i hope to brew next sunday. provided my brother has returned my brew equipment he borrowed:off: