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Apr 6, 2006
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Iowa City
Hi all. Its been a while since I've posted here. I need a make a few purchases for brewing and was thinking about buying a couple kits because it seems hard to find hops otherwise.

Does anyone know how the AHS's, Midwest Supplies, and Northern Brewer's of the world are handling hop substitutions in kits? I don't quite understand how they can keep selling kits when they only have a few varieties of hops in stock.

Am I safe in assuming that they are putting all their hops into kits?
They substituted with similar hop types like you would find on BYO.


I know this because I was debating on two recipes to buy, shortly after making a purchase I noticed they changed the bittering hops on both recipes.

I bet they have contracts!

Edit: This applies to NB & MWHB.
I just ordered recently and they are making the closest possible solution in their kits. They are almost out of cascade though. I talked with AJ at AHB and he said they are revamping their recipes.
I also have gotten the correct hops from 2 different online companies, but not able to fine the hops by themselves there. It would make sense that kits are their big sellers and they are reserving their stock mainly for kits. This is my speculation and I have no evidence of that. Can anyone from those companies shed any light on this?
Let's put it this way, autinhomebrews Rogue Mocha Porter is dead on for flavor. But, it uses a different grain bill, different hops and a different yeast. There are many roads to beervana.
Hmm... makes me wish that I had put away some of the wild hop crop this year. Even if I have no idea on their AA and cohumulone content.

Sounds like I'll be putting in an order from Midwest or Northern for a stout kit then.
They horde their hops for the kits and then say that certain varieties are unavailable to purchase on their own. This way they dont have to substitute