hop seedlings, or seeds?

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Feb 1, 2009
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Saskatoon, Canada
Hays. think im gonna plant at least two varieties in mah yard in the spring...

where can one obtain some good seeds or seedlings? is it typical to find hop plants at a greenery or do I need to look at ta more specialized place or hopyard?

You want rhizomes, not seeds. Check out freshops, hopsdirect, the online suppliers or ask your LHBS
You'll need to get rhizomes, though I'm not aware of any sources in Canada. Try Freshops.com or HopsDirect.com.
Do not use seeds I have Cascade and Chinook Rhizomes . All hop yards are planted w rhizomes . seeds can be male and all hops are grown w no males to polinate Glen
Buying rhizomes from a US supplier will probably require some kind of import certificate. Most suppliers won't bother. I know Freshops does, but it's $20 USD.

Hops do not breed true, so seeds could give you odd results. Plus, half of the plants would be male.