Hop schedule help (DIY dog)

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Will Smith

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Sep 20, 2018
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Hi im brewing this brewdog recipe from their brew book (https://brewdogrecipes.com/recipes/libertine-black-ale)
The hop schedule is just given as:
Simcoe 18.8g Start (Bitter)
Simcoe 18.8g Middle (Bitter)
Simcoe 37.5g End (Flavour)
Simcoe 175g Dry Hop
Cascade 37.5g Dry hop
Mosaic 37.5g Dry hop

I was thinking (assuming a 60 minute boil)
Simcoe 60mins
Simcoe 30mins
Simcoe 5 mins
Dry hop after 5 days with around 10 days in primary.
Does this sound plausible?

Thanks, if anyone is interested in all the brewdog recipes they're all here (http://448f59f74df57015bbb8-a9447b7...8.cf3.rackcdn.com/diy_dog_combined_lr (2).pdf)
That'll do, you could play with the times too and get similar results. I might do a 20 minute addition instead of 30, myself. The difference in IBU will be negligible and you'll probably get a little more hop flavor.
I think a 30 minute hop addition is a waste. Doesn't contribute any flavor or aroma and you get half the IBU's than you would just adding it at 60 minutes. I would put all my bittering hops in at 60 minutes and hold the rest until Knock-out/whirlpool.
I think there is merit to boiled hop flavor, depending on what you want out of the beer. I know the common wisdom nowadays is to throw everything in as late as possible, but it's neither the best or only way to do things. It all depends on what you're trying to do.