Hop Burn???

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Jul 11, 2011
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I recently brewed a CDA that I have brewed before, but this time I used hop extract, as well as a more extensive whirlpool regiment. The CDA is fantastic. It's everything I want in a CDA. The one difference is a mild burn on the front of my tongue. It seems like it may be a bitter/hop burn like that experienced with insanely sour candies. The beautiful thing is that it's slightly pleasant and there is no face-puckering bitterness to it. I have never had this in any beer before (yes, I've had Pliny E., Merahaja, Hop Stoopid, etc.). I wonder if others have experienced this. Did I over do it on my hop extract?

10ml hop extract @60min
14g final volume
1.075 OG

I figured this should render 40-45 IBUs with a total of 80 IBUs for the final product.