Hop Back inline during recirculation

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Oct 20, 2005
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Nanaimo, BC
Planning an experiment soon. Going to cross mash hopping with FWH by adding a hopback inline with the recirculating wort.

I don't know if any new empirical data has come out in the last 2 or 3 years but a few years back there was practically NONE in regards to Mash hopping and very little in FWH.

I know both work. I made a Czech pilsner with about 200 grams (7 or so ounces) of hops. Ah, the days when I could get hops for 2 cents a gram (60 cents an ounce). I think this was for 5 gallons.

So 200 grams of hops in the mash. No other hop additions at all. Beer turned out great. I took some to a beer club meeting and had the guys try it. All beer snobs by the way. I didn't tell them it was mash hopped. They all agreed it had great hop flavor and aroma and adequate bitterness (personally I would have liked it more bitter).

Now if FWH and MH are thought to be due to some sort of oxidation reaction leading to a compound that does not boil off in the 60+ min boil. Or at least that was the theory a few years ago. It appears we now have an abundance of chemists on this forum so maybe they can jump in...

I'm curious to see the effect on flavor/aroma by running the wort through a hopback during recirculation. I will then take those hops out of the hopback and place in the kettle during runoff, so they will also be boiled. I'm thinink that buy using the hopback it will give more time for any of these "reactions" to take place.

Problem is with the high price of hops I don't like using my flav/aroma hops as bittering hop as the ones I have right now have low alpha content. This would work better with a high alpha dual purpose hop. That way I would not have to use a ton of say Saaz in order to do this and it wouldn't mean skewed amount of beta acids in relation to the alpha acids.

Just about have the brew rig rebuilt into a direct fired rims so I will try this out sooner or later. Anyone else interested in trying this?