" Honey I hopped the Wheat" american summer wheat

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Jan 9, 2012
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So I took a Northern Brewer American wheat kit, had a talk about the kit with George Hummel and took his advice got a pound of melanoidin malt and added some saaz and caravienne I had in the freezer came up with something I hope turns out great.

6 lb wheat extract NB. Divided. 3 lb @60 min, 3lb @15
10 oz of weyerman melanoidin
8 oz Belgian caravienne
Williamette @60 min
Saaz @ 15
Cascade @ 5
3/4 cup Raspberry honey @ 5 min
Safale us-05

Steeped the grains for 25 min @ 170-175 and sparged and used every drop I could drain from grains.
Added to the boil @ 60 min 3 lbs of LME and williamette hops and @15 min the remaining 3 lbs and saaz, @5 min the cascade and honey.

OG was 1.049 - 1.050
Pitched at 78 down to 74/76 and chugging along nicely 10 hours later and smells good and hoppy.
This is a 5 gallon batch.

It's a gorgeous amber red color.