Homebrewing workshop with Papazian in ME

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Mar 14, 2009
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Just wanted to get the word out about this. My husband & I will be there and hope the program fills up. We look forward to brewing with CP himself and with other homebrewers (or aspiring homebrewers) from across the country, we hope!

Welcome to Whitehead Light Station: 2008 Program Offerings
Scroll down to “The Art and Science of Beer: Brewing, History and Enjoyment”

The Art and Science of Beer: Brewing, History and Enjoyment: August 28-September 1, 2009.
Instructor: Charlie Papazian

Charlie is looking forward to four nights and five days at the Whitehead Light Station, where he will discuss beer and brewing and his own remarkable journey, teach program participants about brewing beer, tasting beer, cooking with beer, the history of beer, and simply enjoying beer. The course will include demonstrations, lectures, informal socializing, great meals, a huge variety of beers, a journey by water to nearby Rockland to visit two brew pubs, and, as is true for all Whitehead Light Station courses, plenty of time to relax, read, and enjoy being unplugged and unhurried. Most organized activities will be in the mornings or around dinnertime. You do not have to be a devoted homebrewer to enjoy the course. For more information, go to Welcome to Whitehead Light Station: Programs for adults at an historic light station off the coast of Maine and click on “2009 Programs.”


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Mar 2, 2008
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Westland, MI
Wow, would I REALLY like to go to that. Hmmm.... "Honey, how do you feel like a family vacation to Maine."