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Aug 18, 2019
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Hi All,

I want to share how homebrewing brought my fiancee and I together and hear your stories of love gained or lost from homebrewing.

There is an ulterior motive here: My fiancee and I are very close to the finals of Sierra Nevada's Oktoberfest Royal Wedding celebration, and we would love it if the homebrewing vote is what put us over the top. You can vote for us by going to this link and clicking "Vote Here" (no registration or anything else needed, and you can vote once per day if you want): https://oktoberfestwedding.sierranevada.com/contest/1/entry/10

Kim and I started brewing separately around the same time (2014 -- I made an amber ale and she made a red ale for our first brews) and decided to collaborate on a beer for our 5 year college reunion. We made the Palilalia Pale Ale from the Joy of Homebrewing and it was a big hit. We used homebrewing as an excuse to see each other for awhile (it's a good way to have scheduled time together) before we were officially dating. Fast forward to today, and we're engaged, moving in together (and combining equipment) and have made about 15 brews, including beer for two weddings.

How has homebrewing caused romance to blossom (or wither) for you?