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I was in a hurry so I think the print speed was doubled (I don't do the printing or design). I took a few pics and some measurements and sent them to my business partner. Stopped by and picked it up about an hour later. He said to check fit and he could print a nicer one. It fit perfect and works great so I told him not to bother.

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I'm sure we've all been in that boat. I was in a hurry to replace a broken part on my CNC. It didn't have to be pretty. It just had to work. I saw the 'time remaining' as a challenge. It looked like I put that thing together with silly string and hot melt glue, but it worked!
Wasn't aware, but should have figured, there are a bunch of 3d printer type people in here. I'll have to show my stable some time; Vorons for days...and some older bowden type printers with upgrades, some resin deals, some belt drive things as well.

I am in the process of building my sons' Voron 2.4s with TAP (two more of these big beasts to build and I can take a tiny break before my vzBot builds (4 of them).

I heard mention of the slowness for large prints. I guess you haven't seen many videos of the speed at which these can achieve? And the vzBot is purposely designed for speed, the guy that started it is a bit crazy I think, but I enjoy what he does.

My tiny V0.1s (soon to be converted to v0.2s or TriZeros) are super fast and I use them all the time for prototyping. Though I am no manufacturer, or designer, or engineer, or...lots of stuff. But I don't need to be in this day and age.
I was sick of my big mouth bubbler transfers taking forever, so I made this top so I could use a floating dip tube and CO2 to get a somewhat closed transfer.


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There's a few different things that I've made.
The faucet to quick disconnect has been super useful (had it printed originally in PETG and worked great, went ahead and did one in resin).
I have a TPU mill discharge chute (printed in vase mode) that feeds into the other picture with the hole cut. Then I have a "vent" hole with a paint strainer bag just to help with dust mitigation, I'll probably do something a little more proper there. But that's just two easy parts, orange is a flange that feeds through the bottom and the white is a TPU sleeve.
The tap handles are modified from one of the posts somewhere on HBT (sorry for not crediting you). It's a mod of a mod on Thingiverse.
The little cards have embedded magnets (just do a pause mid print) so that it looks clean and they snap right on, pretty happy with how those turned out.


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Got a twofer just for y'all.
First up is an edge mount to mound @Bobby_M 's RIMS tube to the edge of a Rockpoint Stainless table. This uses the standard M8 bolts that are included in the hardware packet. There is one long mount and one short to pitch the tube so that it drains out effectively after use.

Next up is a little stir plate that is based around a 6015 fan. This one is great for use with a pH meter to read your various samples and to help the samples stabilize quicker.
Have fun!
I concur. Just enough taunting to push me over the edge and actually create that thingiverse account. Check it out here.

I too had a few busses in my day (a 1973, and a 79). Last year I tried to see if I could buy one for ol' time sake and got sticker shock.
How about a Gator tap handle?

UF, class of 78
Designed and printed a caddy for my Anton Parr EasyDens and SmartRef. I'll probably add it to Printables.com sometime soon, without their logo to avoid any potential issues.

Very cool. I'd print this up once available. Might remix it a bit to make different use of the SmartRef location since I only have the EasyDens.
Hey print nerd brethren. Anybody know where I can find a free hop cone STL around here? I thought it would be easier to find, but my searches come up empty. I found one that I like, but the dude on Yeggi wants dollars in money for it...pffft.

If it helps, I want it for ceiling fan pulls in my beer room.

Something like this...
Could you use this and modify it as needed?
I saw that one too, but I didn't like the flat top. It seems like this is the best option so I gave it a go. The flat top bothers me, but I think I'll cut a star shape out of some felt to put on the top to look like a [botany word]. I may even extrude some filament and wrap it up the chain to add some realism.

There's a few different things that I've made.
The faucet to quick disconnect has been super useful (had it printed originally in PETG and worked great, went ahead and did one in resin).
What size is your tap? I would love to get the stl if that is cool. I installed a new sink and the tap is a weird size so none of the quick disconnects I have fit.
I just got a printer today . . . Bambu P1S. Should be a fun weekend. Will go back and reread this thread from Page 1 . . .
I just finished 3d printing a steam condenser body for mounting on the top of my kettle. I previously had a stainless steel tee based condenser that I side mounted but it seemed like a lot of weight once mounted on the lid with an elbow. The filament is pet-cf from bambu labs - should be easily tolerant of the heat and is supposed to be happy in high moisture applications.


Oktober Designs posted a can end holder on social media but I couldn't find the post again so I designed my own versions. One is for storage of a tall stack in the space of a 16oz can, one for holding a shorter stack of sanitized lids on canning days.



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