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Apr 23, 2005
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Seattle area (Bothell)
Hi Everyone! I really enjoy this forum, and have learned a lot. I've finally brewed a really good batch, good enough to give away to people to try. (I used a Mac & Jack clone recipe for African Amber - a local brewery in Redmond, WA). I'm getting rave reviews from family, but I want to take it to the next level.

Anyway, to the point, I want to design a quick but meaningful evaluation form I can include when I give a few bottles to someone. Has anyone seen, written or used an evaluation form that works?

Here are the things I want to cover, and I could use feedback/suggestions. These are only my NOTES, NOT THE FORM:

Clear . . . . . cloudy
Light . . . . . dark

Body (heavy, light, too thin (watery)
Head (just enough, none, doesn't hold

Taste (based on your favorite ale of the same type)
Too hoppy………….not enough hop flavor
Yeasty……………no yeast taste

Rate against your favorite ale
Better, Just as good, forget it!

If I write a good form, I'll put it in Adobe format and upload for everyone that is interested. I plan on including it with the give-away bottles with a stamped envelope (with people I don't know very well).

Thanks for any replies,
Hey, thank you for the form, it's great! Just what I was looking for, only I need to "dumb" it down a bit for friends and clients that try my brew.