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Hello Homebrew Talk! Allow me to introduce to you an organization I have had the pleasure to start over the past year and a half. We are called Home Brew for Heroes; a group of homebrewers seeking to show our gratitude to local soldiers returning home from theaters of war in our own unique way... HOMEBREW!
We had our first distribution to a unit of approximately 1,000 bottles of beer to almost 70 soldiers in February... on Superbowl Sunday nonetheless! These soldiers were beyond thankful when they realized we had been preparing for their return months in advance.
If you would like to know more and to get involved, please join us on Facebook or our website
Also, swing over before July 25th to support our fund raising campaign. We will use these funds to apply for Non-Profit status and to fund the expansion of HB4H to other areas, possibly yours.
Finally, to any active servicemen and women or veterans out there... We salute you and hoist a pint in your honor... Cheers!

Thanks a lot! We are very excited about getting the word out for this round of fund raising. Please share this story on all your social media outlets as well!
Thanks for your service and Cheers!
Hey I tried to click donate and had an error on the paypal website. Not sure if it's me or not.
Anyway, good idea I like it. Will donate asap.
The FB page link doesnt work. Looks like it takes you to a HBT redirect page for external links. Also the Website link doesnt work. Looks like it may be the site though not a HBT issue.
I've got my web guy working on the PayPal link. Thanks for the head's up. In the mean time, please consider our Booster.com fund raising site. There is an option to donate extra funds along side the purchase of a tee shirt.
I'll ask HBT admin about the link to Facebook
Our website is http://www.hb4h.org
The booster campaign is www.booster.com/hb4h
Thanks for the interest down there in Houston.
The idea is to spread it out to as many cities as possible. Though, for a successful campaign the fund raising will be incumbent upon that local club. We have some back-end work left to do in order to have full functionality of the program. We are about a month out from being ready to launch to other areas.
These are exciting times... Watch our facebook group page for announcements regarding the availability / launch of the program to other areas.
I am sorry I just can't get behind this. Not because I don't think that returning Vets don't deserve a beer. As a Vet I think that you can put your money to better use with the Wounded Warrior Project. Also many guys and gals coming back from deployment have issues with using alcohol as a coping mechanism. So I say support a cause that does more then give a hero a buzz. Support one that gives him or her a job, a ride to physical therapy, help transitioning back to normalcy, that helps them overcome combat stress, or gives them a new prosthetic limb. The link to donate to Wounded Warriors is below.
I'm sorry you feel this way. Wounded Warriors is a great organization. I personally know a buddy who has benefited from that organization. However, of the 1,000 bottles of beer we distributed, there was not a single soldier who was ungrateful. Please, by all means... if you feel strongly about donating to disabled soldiers, WWP is a great charity to donate to. However, if a homebrewer would like to donate some of their craft, HB4H is an outlet for the average guy to feel like they have made a difference... Just my 2 cents.
I understand what you are saying and I am sure that they were happy to see someone who grateful for their service when they get off the bus. And it is great that you are doing something. But I think that they would be just as happy with a box of home made cookies. And diverting the little bit of money that the average Joe has to donate to a fund like the Wounded Warrior Project isn't doing the service members any good. Just my 2 cents
I have been Thinking about doing something like this for a few years now. I am close to Ft. Campbell and was stationed there as well. I want to give back and am also looking into getting into starting my own Brewery. Drop me a PM as to how to get linked up with you on this.
The way we are formatting this it will be very easy for other locations to pick up and run with a campaign. We are taking the load of the Non-Profit and will be the "hub" of all the operations. The board of directors still have some work to do on getting it all wrapped up but we are hoping to launch by the end of summer. Stay tuned, buy a shirt, spread our flyer around (found on facebook) help us get this thing off the ground!