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Texas Home Brew Boiling, fermenting, and storing accessories for sale

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Jun 6, 2014
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New Braunfels
350 for all OBO for all I am going back to school for an MBA and dont have the time for this amazing hobby

For Brewing
o 5 gallons of Hot Springs AR Mountain Valley Spring water
o Burner w/empty propane tank
o Boiling pot
o Muslin bag
o 7 gallon Rubbermaid Water Cooler for all grain batch brewing or cooler station for wort chiller.
o whirlpool wort chiller Wort chiller hose to add cold water pump to it
o Servomyces
o Whirl Flock
o Thermometer
o Hydrometer
For Fermenting
o Funnel
o 2- 5 gallon carboys one with Hot Springs Mountain Valley Springs water in it
o 1 6.5 gallon carboy
o Carboy harness
o Carboy handle
o 2- Carboy storage caddy
For Bottling & Cleaning
o Bottling bucket
o Bottling wand
o Bottle Capper and Caps
o CASE OF 12 - 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles - AMBER
o Star San
o Powdery Brewery wash
o Spray bottle
o Carboy Drier rack



Will pm you tomorrow, can't figure out how to on mobile...
Where are you in Texas?

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