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Oct 30, 2012
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Hey everyone. Haven't posted anything in awhile, have had much time for brewing recently. However I got married in August and soon after we got our basement finished so I decided this was the perfect time to build a home bar. My biggest inspiration came from Thirstin4aburstin's 8-foot bar build, I also used plans from barplan.com. I wanted to incorporate our current wine fridge and kegerator. Here are some pictures of the progress. At this point I'm working on the trim pieces then have to stain.





mostly shelling and starting the trim. hoping to finish the trim up this coming weekend and than start preping for stain.






Yeah the cork board was pretty easy, you just have to know a lot of wine drinkers. I think it took about 1200 corks, maybe a little less.
ImageUploadedByHome Brew1391992974.624772.jpgImageUploadedByHome Brew1391992984.324229.jpg

Updates: got a lot of work done this weekend, finished up all of the trim work. Just have to drill a hole on top for the tap tower. Then a final sanding and staining.

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Looks great, can't wait to see the finished product

What kind of wood are you using?
How much did it all cost?

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It's framed with 2x4 & 6s then shelled mostly with 3/4" Oak Plywood, some 1/4" in areas to cover some of the 2x4s. I would have rather done 1/2" oak but neither Lowes or Home Depot carried the large sheets. Didn't add a lot of cost, just a lot of extra weight.

I'll have to add it up, but I'd say 300-350, most expensive part was the oak trim.

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Finished staining and putting on the many many layers of polyurethane. I put the kegerator in place and have attached the tower. Giving the poly a few more days of curing before I fully stock it and put the wine fridge in. ImageUploadedByHome Brew1394125600.231817.jpgImageUploadedByHome Brew1394125611.017228.jpgImageUploadedByHome Brew1394125622.486152.jpg

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Thanks! Yeah I like the 2 levels a lot. The left side is just so big because the wine fridge is so much taller. I've got a popcorn machine to put on top and hopefully some type of mega touch at some point.

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Great job! This is what I want to make one day. Very nice and clean looking and I love the stain and clear coats.
Thank you! It was easier than I thought and actually turned out better than I thought.

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Where do the fridge compressor vent from? I'm looking at doing something similar but thought they vent in the back and couldn't be built in without some extra ventilation?

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Fridges vent in the back but I have a fan built in the sides moving air around.

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Stocked up, built a shelf to display some of the bottles and some of glasses. Probably going to get a quarter keg of Something to put in there till I have something ready. ImageUploadedByHome Brew1395542267.721839.jpgImageUploadedByHome Brew1395542291.756159.jpgImageUploadedByHome Brew1395542314.576361.jpg

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