Holy Kveik! (Omega Lutra)

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Jun 10, 2024
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Riverside, CA
WOW! I just have to say, I did Lunar Shock (Blue Moon Clone) from MoreBeer and trying to get it ready by 4th of July.
I put US-05 in one fermenter, but my local MoreBeer recommended using Omega Yeast Dried Lutra for a quicker fermentation to keg it up.
I pitched it last night around 8 PM and checked on it about 6 AM. It looked like it was at full Krausen! (Note: I even had Fermcap in the fermenter)

Well I went to work, and when I came home it was a COMPLETE mess!
It blew the lid off the Big Mouth Bubbler, and the lid was actually on the ground next to it with a complete blow-out of wort.

I cleaned and sanitized the lid/seal/airlock added more fermcap, and she's still bubbling away!

This yeast is something else!
I just did a 1 gal test batch with voss and some random grains, I had to keep filling up the airlock about every 4-6 hours as it kept blowing all the sanitizer out. I had activity withing the hour after pitching and 2.5 hrs later it was full on go time.

Only three days to finish. I ended up at 1.018 but then again I started at 1.081. Still think that might be a bit high FG though. 77% is in the normal range from what I have read.