Holiday Vacation = Brewathon (w/ Pics)

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Aug 9, 2006
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Charlottesville, VA
Our firm closes during the week between xmas and new years, so I've had the week off. Sunday-Tuesday was spent in NC with the wife's family, but we drove back on xmas day. She has to work Wed-Fri, so I'm on my own. Which means...brewing.

First on the docket was SMaSH. Munich 10L + East Kent Goldings. Sparging:


Boiling (Sadie loves the smell of malt...):


The slug is back. This time, he's diggin on my malt...:rolleyes:

I ran out of propane halfway through the first batch, so I had to run out and exchange 3 of my cyls. Took care of some other errands so I wouldn't have to go back out, and finished the SMaSH. Cleaned up a bit, and got right back to it. This time, a double decoction mash for the Dark Paradise Smoked Winter Lager. This is the thin mash:


And this is the first decoction:


I learned my lesson last time: don't rely on iodine testing for decoction mashes...they'll always come up positive. So, after the 2 hours or so it took for the decoc, I boiled...

Then I woke up this morning and dove into the third batch of the week, a Weizenbock:



Anyway, all my SG's hit at or above the expected numbers, all just about 80-82% efficiency. The Lager and the SMaSH are fermenting away, and the Weizenbock is ramping up...


And finally, the lineup (plus the lager):


Now, I get to relax and enjoy my new PS3 + Assassin's Creed. Prost!!!
Evan! said:
And finally, the lineup (plus the lager):


Now, I get to relax and enjoy my new PS3 + Assassin's Creed. Prost!!!

That is a Bee..U..Tee...Fulll....sight.
Evan! said:
Now, I get to relax and enjoy my new PS3 + Assassin's Creed. Prost!!!

I got one two Evan, funny. What I want to know is how you run out of propane with.....what is it like 7 propane tanks? And I can attest to the fact that his dogs also like the taste of malt/wort ;) If I wasn't stuck in FL, it would have been great to run this marathon with you, making beer with my equip at the same time. Nice.
You run out of propane by being lazy and overly optimistic. I guess that's just how it goes...hope FL is nice!

The SMaSH seems like it's finishing up. That was quick.
Look at the dedication. You have real labels on your carboys. Most of us just use tape and a Sharpie. :)
Not to mention an interruption by yours truly.

By the way everyone, Evan ****ing rocks. I stopped by and gave him a six pack of 4 different brews and he sent me home with nine of his. Hopefully the next time I'm in VA, I can meet back up again.

That was the definition of a class act. Skol!

P.S. With the exception of the SMaSH, I'm glad you're keeping true to your O.G. > 1.060 mantra.
Thanks for stopping by, PS. It was great to meet you, and I've definitely been digging on these beers you left me. I had the stout and the brown before we left town, and they were both muy excellenté! I agree, we should try to setup a brewday next time you're up this way...

Oh, and yeah...I usually go north of 1.060 just because that's where my tastes lie...but it's nice to brew a session beer here and there. That Stunkelweizen (ST) that I gave you was one of my lowest ever...I think it started at 1.047!
wow, looks like someone was busy! I didn't brew at all over Christmas :( but was thinking about you when brewing the belgian dubbel yesterday!

(PS3 is the tits aint it!)