Hola from Spain!

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Apr 17, 2024
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Hello everyone.

Im Asier from a little city in the north of Spain.

I’ve been a homebrewer for a few years now, I brew small 5L batchs and a tad bigger 30L ones of not very complex beers (mostly Ales and Lagers which are my favourites). I plan to learn a lot from you and see if I can help some people too with my little experience!

Thank you! Well yeah, maybe thats too wide to be said, but mostly english or belgian style ales, not too strong either. And easy to drink slightly dark malty lagers haha
I'm with you, Belgium styles are one of my favorites too!

I lean towards the malty side and if it's got a high ABV it best be balanced. My recent doppelbock is very smooth and clocks in at 8.5%. A nice summer sipper.
Bienvenidos! Also a fellow European, albeit a far way to the north of you, there are a few other Poles, Germans etc active here aswell.
I brew loads of English/Brittish ales aswell(pretty much exclusively tbh), just 2 days ago made a Chevalier based porter inspired by a ~120 year old London Porter recipe.