Hola from Richmond, VA

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Dec 19, 2007
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Richmond, VA
Hello all,
My name is Mike and I've been brewing for about 5 months now but as I get more batches under my belt I find myself craving more info and trying new beer styles to drink and brew.
I got into this hobby by getting out of another one. I used to go offroading quite a bit but my truck(85 Toyota 4runner rock crawler) took most of my time and all of my money, so when my GF and I bought a house it was sold and later replaced by brewing. I like drinking more than driving so it all works out.
Now that you guys know my life story, I'll shut up.
Welcome to HBT! :mug:
You came to the right place. There are tons of members in your area. Don't be surprised if you end up meeting a few of them.
There are also a lot of Jeep fanatics and off road folks here. I think you are going to like the place.
I am also from richmond good to see some locals on the boards. i never relized how many people were brewing their own around here, once i get a few brews under my belt we should arrange some trade offs im sure there are plenty of great homebrews around would love to try some
Word Schwind! I've built rock buggies out of older Land Rovers. Welcome to brewing! you'll find lots of people using fabricating skills to construct brewing and dispensing apparatus.