Hoegaarden Recipe

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Dec 6, 2006
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Does any one have a good extract recipe for a Hoegaarden clone? i found this beer about 2 months ago and feel in love with it! i love the taste of a Belgian Wit! sooooo smooth and refreshing! Just bottled a delicious Hibiscus wheat today and sneaked a sample, all i have to say is damn! its going to be a winner! might be the best this guy ever brewed! thanks for the help!
It is impossible to brew a traditional Witbier using extract or extract/steep techniques. The ingredients which make it traditional - unmalted (raw) wheat, oats - must be mashed.

That said, you can still brew a helluva Witbier with Wheat extract. Just let the spices sing.



P.S. Nice job on the Hibiscus wheat! Isn't it awesome when it turns out well?
I like me a good witbier as well and have recently tried Hoegaarden for the first time. If I remember correctly they use orange peel and coriander seed to flavour their witbier.

I just finished my first American Wheat Beer and I squeezed a it of clementine juice into the glass with it. Nothing like Hoegaarden but it was still good ;)