Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit

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Jan 27, 2009
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Bethesda, MD
Just wondering if anyone knows an extract based recepie for this. Cant seem to find one. Thanks! :mug:
Not Hoegaarden, but this one comes to mind:

Celis White Clone
by Julie Froehlich

This beer is a delicious ale brewed with malted wheat, barley, and oats. The style is characterized by the flavors of coriander and orange peel. (5 gallons)


• 6 lbs. wheat malt extract
• 1 lb. Belgian candi sugar (clear)
• 1 lb. oat flakes
• 1 oz. crushed coriander
• 1 oz. sweet orange peel
• 1 oz. Curacao orange peel
• 2 oz. Crystal hops pellets (3.5% alpha acid): 1 oz. for 60 min., 1 oz. at end of boil
• White Labs pitchable Belgian Wit yeast
• 3/4 cup corn sugar

Step by Step:

Put oat flakes into a grain bag. Add 1 gal. of water and bring temperature to 155° F. Turn off heat and let oats steep for 30 min. Remove bag and drain completely. Stir in malt extract and candi sugar. Add enough water to bring to 2 gal. Bring to a boil. Total boil is 60 min. Add 1 oz. of hops and boil for 50 min. Add orange peel and coriander. Boil 10 min. more. Turn off heat and add remaining 1 oz. of hops. Steep for 10 min., remove hops, cool, and transfer to fermenter. Add 3 gal. cold water. Pitch yeast at 75° F.

Ferment at 68° F for 14 days. Prime and bottle. Age 14 days.
Forbidden Fruit is not a wit beer. In fact, Hoegaarden does make other beers besides the wit.

Unfortunantly you cant find it in the US, which is why I would love to make a clone of it.

If anyone still has an idea please let me know. Here is more info about it. It's a Belgian Dark Strong Ale and 9% abv. Earthy brown/ruby red hazy pour with medium cream head, which lasts right to the finish.
Sweet, musty aroma, with subtle alcohol kick in the background. Hints of straw, and possibly brown sugar.
Definate alcohol taste, with a very delicate bittersweet finish. Doughy flavour, slight cream and banana notes. Heat from high alcohol present. Rich creamy body with mild carbonation.
Lovely combination of flavours and aromas, although the alcohol does become slightly overpowering.
No help here with the recipe, but Wyeast sells the Forbidden Fruit yeast strain. I can't remember the number but its just called "Forbidden Fruit"
I have heard of the yeast.

Anyways, if anyone could keep on the look-out, or maybe provide a recipe of something close to this, would be totally awesome.

If you wish to do a Hoegaarden clone, then I recommend Wyeast #3944 which is the yeast that Hoegaarden actually uses for their wit. I would assume they use it for their other beers as well but there is also a strong chance that Wyeast #3463 "Forbidden Fruit" is also from Hoegaarden. I have used #3944 many times and it is my favorite Belgian style yeast. I usually make a double from the dregs after making the wit.
Not from here, but....

HomeBrewandBeer.com Forum

Brewcraft Belgian Ale
1.5 kg liquid pale malt (pale lme)
250 grams dry wheat malt (wheat malt extract)
500 grams English crystal malt, steeped for 30 mins, sparged and liquid then boiled
250 grams Golden Syrup
250 grams coffee sugar crystals
30 grams coriander seed
Rind from two mandarines (if you can't find any, use pink grapefruit, around one-2 tablespoons rind)
Liquid Wyeast Forbidden Fruit yeast (otherwise, use Belgian ale yeast or the abbey ale)

Then there is this one... (again, from another site)

Riggers Forbidden Fruit at Grain and Grape

This is a mini-mash though (and very similar to the recipe I posted above)

Quick caveat, I have never brewed either of these, but I like Forbidden Fruit.... if you try it, keep us updated... not sure I would have the stones to make a beer without any hops at all. :)
Forbidden Fruit is not a wit beer. In fact, Hoegaarden does make other beers besides the wit.

Unfortunantly you cant find it in the US, which is why I would love to make a clone of it.


I'm in Chicago and have had Hoegaarden on tap in at least 3 places in the past couple months. Yet still planning on making the "clone" in the next few weeks!