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Jul 25, 2008
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Holland, MI
Well, just thought I would share my Brew Rig V 1.0-

It is essentially a two tier SIRMS (Steam Injected Recirculating Mash System) design. It is going to be all electric, and run off a Brewtroller.

I have been doing stovetop All-grain, and my ceramic top stove just is not meeting my demands for it. Sometimes I do enjoy doing a small batch (1-2.5 gallons) but other times I want to be able to get at least 5g- for me the time invested is negligible between a 2.5g batch and a 5g batch.

My current system is essentially a 5g round mlt with braid, and two 20qt stock pots for HLT and then split boil.

I wanted to move to electric, but a pid/ssr combo is about $80. Along comes "Brewtroller". For about $100 I can not only control an HLT, but pumps, pressure level, steam control, etc., etc.

So instead of just adding PID/SSR to my current 5g MLT, I can now automate much more of my process.

This is important, because having a chance to "set and forget" even for 90-120 minutes is critical for me. I like to spend time with my wife and two young children, and they like to spend time with me.

Freeing up part of a brew day will give me more time on the weekends, more time for family, but also more time to brew (that is my rationale at least)!

My main goal in regards to actual brewing though is consistency; I want to be able to brew a beer once, twice, or twenty times and know that as much as possible is the same beer. I am piecing together my ferm and lagering chambers to also aid in this process.

Will I try and duplicate the same exact beer very often? I don't know, but I want the capability, because if I do create a beer that IMO is exquisite, I want more of it!

Enough rambling... here is the rig.

Feel free to critique, add ideas, etc.

This rig will be in my basement in my brewspace. I am also consider a cone & chimney for the BK for steam exhaust.

The utility sink will be able to provide hot or cold water as needed.

I currently use a pond pump to pump ice water through my IC, and will prob continue to do so in warm weather. The pump/ice water will be in the utility sink.

There it is... for now.