High Final Gravities?

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Mar 10, 2007
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OK, I brewed two bacthes a week apart. The first was an oatmeal stout on Jan 5th. It was in the primary for 8 days, I racked to a secondary and it was in there for 3 weeks until bottled today with a F.G. of 1.022. Seems high based on a starting gravity of 1.062. I expected it to be around 1.018. And no, I forgot to take a reading when I racked it to the secondary. That was a rookie mistake. First brew I ever racked to a secondary after finally making the investment in a 5 gallon glass carboy.

Here are the ingredients (partial mash)

6 lb. amber DME
1.5 lbs. 6 row pale malt
.75 lb. roasted barley
.5 lb. chocolate malt
1 lb. crystal malt 60 lovi
18 oz. quick oats

Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale

The following week, I brewed something close to a brown ale using leftover ingreadients and whatever hops I could get. I just racked it from the primary about a 3 week ferment and it had a reading of 1.018 and the S.G. was around 1.052 (I have the final info in a database on my work laptop, of course at work!). And of course I don't have the ingredients.

Could it be a low fermentation temp around 65 degrees is the culprit. Kinda concerned now with a stout in the bottle at 1.022.
tasted great, my concern is any issues with bottling it too soon? Which seems impossible after 4 weeks!
It's not necessarily a bottle bomb at a high gravity. The key is was that gravity consistent for 2-3 days? Don't just go with it being the gravity you expect then bottling Make sure you have consistent gravity for 2-3 consecutive days to know if it is done.