High FG?

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Adam's Apples

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Sep 30, 2006
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I have just completed by first brew after deciding that all future brews would be DME, not LME.

The recipe is below, (I know the carapils might not have been 100% necessary, especially in this quantity, but it's one of the things I'm experimenting with at the moment):

5.5lb light DME
1lb British Crystal 50-60L
4.5oz Carapils / Caramel Malt
1oz Target at 60 mins
1oz Fuggles at 5 mins
1x11.5g Safale-04

Brew day went really well. After 1 week this is down to 1.017. Fermentation seemed to stop after about 5 days I took an SG reading at day 6 and it was 1.018. I moved the demijohn next to a radiator, which incresed temp from 71f ish to 75f ish and today (day 7), I'm at 1.017.

I was expecting this to ferment down a little more, maybe 1.012 or lower. However I wondered whether this was a side affect of using DME. I was careful to add the DME before the wort was boiling and used a wisk to stir this in thoroughly. I was sure I had it all disolved.

I'm still happy with the beer so far; the hydro sample from primary tasted nice and if it ends a little sweeter that's fine by me. The beer calc I used predicted 35 IBU, so this should balance any sweetness.

I was just wondering if you guys had any thought on the 'high' OG - I thought it was high...

I ran the wort down through the tap on my boiler into a funnel in the top of the demijohn, which produced a lot of bubbles, so I had considered this sufficiently aerated (I do full boils). This method has previously produced good attenuaton. The bubbles were so high in fact that they came through the top of the demijohn and I had to wipe away some bubbles that came thorugh the top..I guess some of the yeast could have been within these bubbles and I could have removed some of it...but I'm not sure.

I think I will leave it in the warm spot it's in for 2 more days, but if I get the same consecutive SG reading the next 2 times I will rack to secondary.

Any thoughts appreciated.