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California High End 10G Dream System... Stainless Brutus 10, Spike Kettles, SS Brewing Conicals with glyclol chiller, Brite Tank, motorized mill, kegs...

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Jul 13, 2009
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Okay folks, this pains me to do it but we're moving out of the country next year, so looking to part with the system I dreamed about owning. It's mad looking over all this remembering I started with a turkey fryer, aluminum pot, and cooler tun. Wow.

Anyways here goes.
  • Temperature controlled Brutus 10 stand. Fully stainless, runs on propane. HLT and MLT are temperature controlled, boil is using a ball valve. Blichmann Riptide pumps, plate chiller, and all hoses with Morebeer SS QDs.
  • 3x Spike brewing kettles - 15 gallon kettles, set up as a boil kettle, mash tun with false bottom, and hot liquor tank.
  • 2x SS Brewing 14 gallon "Chronical" fermentors with jackets, legs, shelves, casters, heating pads and cooling coils, plus FTSS controllers. Oh, and a pair of BrewPi controllers to control them remotely.
  • 1x 7 gallon SS Brewing "Brew bucket"
  • SS Brewing 1/3hp Glycol chiller
  • 10 gallon SS Brewing jacketed Brite Tank
  • Stainless CIP cart with pump
  • Motorized 3-roller Monster Mill milling cart
  • Cabinet full of accessories. Milwaukee PH Meter, erlenmeyer flasks, Blichmann Hop Rocket, Tilt Hydrometer (unused), Big Mouth Bubblers, and other stuff.
  • 10x 5 gallon cornies
I genuinely shudder to think how much I've invested in this hobby over the years, but every dollar has been worth it for the joy it's brought (less so the waistline and potential diabetes, but hey who's keeping score?!?!) At the moment I'm not looking to part this out, instead hoping I can find a local homebrewer who's looking to make a step up.

Everything you need from milling to brewing to fermenting. Looking for $5,000 for everything. (If this is asking too much, feel free to let me know, but its basically half what I paid for all this) Located in the North SF Bay Area (Sonoma County.)

I'll see about getting more detailed photos during the week. (Wanted them shiny looking, so conicals don't include the jackets!)

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Alright, time to part it out!

Brutus 10 (propane) with pumps and Spike Kettles: $2,000 (Will include box of accessories)
SS Brewtech Chronical fermenters (2): $650 each (Includes legs, jacket, casters, shelf, and temp controller)
SS Brewtech Brite Tank: $300
SS Brewtech Glyclol Chiller: $650
SS Brewtech Brew Bucket: $100
Motorized Monster Mill: $200
Stainless Triclamp CIP system: $150

No shipping, all gear is located in Sonoma County (SF Bay area)