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Apr 1, 2024
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Northampton County North Carolina
Names Ken im 60 years old live in a small town in NC and I love craft beers and spirits more than any of the main streem stuff I basically found this site because I googled useing a 100 lb propane cylinder witha turlkey fryer I do have a regulator for it so I maight possible look aroudn on here and brew something of my own :)
Welcome to HBT, @wolfen!

Plenty of information in our "Beginners" forum to get started.

You can brew any size batch you want, using an (outside) turkey fryer, and a properly sized kettle.

To get started, many use their kitchen stovetop for brewing smaller sized batches (although some will go up to 5 gallons). This is to learn the trade, get variety, and keep potential errors minimized. A 2 to 4-gallon stock pot can be very useful for that.
If you're interested in reading up on brewing, How to Brew, 4th Edition would be worthwhile. It might seem like too much information to get a quick start, but the first chapter is "Brewing Your First Batch of Beer ". You can get started before spending a lot of time reading all the finer points.

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