HERMS no HLT batch sparge

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Oct 27, 2007
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I asked a similar question before, but I am just wondering if it would be possible to drain your mash water to the boil kettle, then add all of the water for your batch sparge at warm tap temperature and recirculate it until it comes to temperature. I got a couple of responses that it would be best to stick to the traditional method, but I am just wondering if anyone knows if this would be problematic.
For one you'll be sacrificing time. Heating the water lets you go full bore on a high flame to get the temp up quickly. You'll have to go easy when the grain is in there to account for scorching.
Well, unless you are concerned about stopping enzymatic activity, the main reason you raise the temp of your sparge water is to aid in lautering.

You could probably just sparge with warm water, but your efficiency probably would suffer.

I agree with Bobby on the potential for scorching