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Nov 21, 2009
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Okay so I have a double IPA kit from a shop and instructions are a bit vague. So I have 3oz of hops. The instructions have one package in the boil with 15 minutes left. And then 2oz added after fermentation for a dry hop. Question is which when. I have
1oz Cascade 7.3 Alpha
1oz Galena 10.1 Alpha
1oz Galena 14.1 Alpha
Am I missing an oz of hops?
Thanks I'm steeping the grain as we speak

I dont knowthe grain mix but I do have 9lbs of Muntons Hopped Light DME
Nothing on the sheet. I thought it was odd. Any suggestions? I was thinking 1oz Galena 10.1 Alpha at 60, then 1oz Galena 14.1 Alpha at 15 then cascade after ferm???This is only my second beer so I dont know.
It's going to be up to you how you do it, I'm not all that experienced with IPA's yet, but I think I'd do something like what you said. Probably,
1oz galena 60 (14.1)
.25oz galena 15 (10.1)
.25oz galena 10 (10.1)
.25oz galena 5 (10.1)
.25-.5oz cascade flame-out
.5-.75oz cascade dry-hop
.25oz galena dry-hop (10.1)

Will probably get a little more along the lines of an (I)IPA with that, I think. Would probably wait for someone more experienced to respond though.
Thanks only 10 minutes to 60.....
flame out is 0 time on boil?
also whats up with the 2 dif alpha galenas?
I'm going to agree with David. That looks like a fine hop schedule. Not that I'm really helping you any, I'm sure you're already well into it :).

As for the alpha acids, that is strange. Maybe they got their hops from two different places?
That does not look like enough hops for a double IPA. I used 4 oz during the boil and 4 oz for a dry hop in my last IIPA. It was pretty hoppy, but not over-the-top for the style. The hops you have may make a great beer, but not a IIPA.

I suggest calculating for your target IBUs adding your Galena at 60 min. Add the Cascades at 5 min, and keep the rest of your Galena for another time.
You guys are missing the fact that he has pre-hopped extract. This will affect the bitterness.

Yes, it will affect the bitterness, but there's no way he can get IIPA hop flavor with 3 oz of hops. I say shoot for a pale ale and he'll be happier with the results.
Well it is all done. I just used the hops as was listed. I think i'm missing some hops. If i am going to dry hop I plan on just throwing an oz in once the major ferm is done. I have to do it this way now since I didn't throw them in before.
Oh wow, I did miss the pre-hopped extract. I didn't think people used that stuff lol. Well, should be interesting how it turns out.