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Jan 8, 2012
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La Porte
Here is some washed yeast and spent grains I used to make some bread. I had problems with my starter not working and after several hours, just added some bread yeast to get going. I wanted beer taste, so I warmed the washed yeast and added 2 tbl of sugar to the beer/yeast mixture. Nothing happened until I added additional yeast.

Here is the washed yeast:

And since I mentioned it, here is the bread:

So I wondered if I washed the yeast correctly. I pulled out another jar, poured out as much of the beer as I could, shook until mixed and added to a jar of warm water with 2 tbl of table sugar. Activity was crazy. Several hours later, I added another 2 tbl of sugar. This morning I added yet another 2 tbl of sugar and here are the results:

Here you can clearly see all the additional yeast:

So here are my questions. Is this enough yeast for a starter and then use for brewing beer or making bread? Can I assume my washed yeast had a low yeast count and needed the additional sugar to raise the count? Also, is their any difference in making a starter with the beer that was washed with the yeast verses decanting and adding water?

Now that I know my yeast is good, I need to figure out if this is how I should prep the yeast for future usage. Thanks in advance.