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Aug 14, 2008
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This is my first written recipe, im a lover of Hefe's and like to experiment, my biggest question is am i a little out of balance with my malt and hops?? and should i do a single or a double decoction mash?

batch size 5.5G, 11 pounds grain, SG 1.055? decoction mash, maybe a double
Bavarian hefe yeast from white labs

Wheat malt 63% 7lb
Pilsner malt 18% 2lb
Cara-pils 9% 1lb
Biscuit malt 4.5% .5lb
Vienna Malt 4.5% .5lb

Hallertauer .50 oz 60 min 8.7 IBU
Tettnanger .50 oz 20 min 3.3IBU
Hallertauer .25 oz 10 min .9 IBU
Total IBU 12.9

I like a big head of foam on my hefes maybe im asking for too much with this recipe, i need some help with the hop schedule. i only have 1oz hallertauer and 1 oz tettnanger. pellat form of course.
Thanks mates cheers:rockin: