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Mar 11, 2005
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I found this ball valve at Home Depot and was wondering if it would make a good spigot for my brew kettle.

I guess my main concern is the metals used in its construction and the Teflon seals. It says the main body is brass. However, I assume it is plated with some other metal as the color is silver. Also the ball is plated in steel. I assume it is not stainless. Is there a problem using steel if it is not stainless. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Also as a side question what type of heat resistant washers would you use to seal the bulkhead going through the kettle side.

I'm a little new to brewing and I appreciate everyones help.
Happy brewing.
Check out They have really nice stainless valves and weldless kits with he heat resistant O-rings. Mine leak just a bit but not enough to be a big deal (outside). Others have had better luck with them.

Personally, I'd want a valve that can definitely take the heat.

Cheers! :D
That valve is not ideal. The chrome will wear off in time, and expose the base metals. It's not food grade. That said, I have the same, or similar valves. I've used them for many years without any bad beer that can be attributed to them. I would feel fine about using them. As for the weldless kits and washers, many homebrew shops sell them. An internet search will reveal more retailers than you'll know what to do with. But if it's going through stainless, I'd invest in having a stainless fitting welded by a shop. Less headaches and lower cost in the long run.
I agree with George about getting it welded...much better overall. You can get those parts at morebeer or other places if you want to use stainless throughout, which is a good idea since you're going to the trouble of building a setup.
Thanks for the advice. Your remarks confirm my feelings that I should skip on this valve and splurge for an all stainless version. I'll take a look at

Thanks again.

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