Help with IPA superstructure extract

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Dec 14, 2012
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So in our recent beer (which turned out quite well!) we had used an IPA superstructure that we got off of Northern Brewer. Do to the limited description however, we had put it in on our Beersmith as pale liquid extract and some caramel malt (since it has that in its desciption). It showed our ABV to be about 8%. After fermentation though, our beer ended about 9.3%. Its final gravity was about what we expected (about 1.013) but the initial was much higher than anticipated.

We want to know if anyone has used this IPA Superstructure and can help with putting it into Beersmith so we can have full control over our recipe?

Any advice would help a lot. We are definitely thinking there was more caramel/crystal since its SRM was darker than our recipe showed.

Thank you! :)