Help with finding a racking arm for conical

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Dec 17, 2014
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The Island
so have 2bbl conicals. got them cheap. figured it'd be easy to put them back into operation from kombucha to beer. cleaned, passivated, etc.

but now have equipment issue. long story short, the racking arm port is way undersized. you've got about 7/8" inside diameter. and you're at about 3.5" from the TC flange to the inside wall of the tank.

i'm guessing that to be able to get any sort of bend into the racking arm it's gonna max out at 1/2" stock. anybody have any ideas on how to attack this? about the only thing i can think of is to call someone like jay and see if he can make a custom arm. that's fine if we have to go there, but i figured before i did that i'd put it out here and see if anyone else had a simlar problem

its a standard 60 degree cone. drawing says 80mm of insulation/walls. i measured 3.5" to tc flange.