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Jan 21, 2009
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Baton Rouge, LA
Just removed the spear from a Bass keg. Pretty easy- use a screwdrived to remove the black rubber gasket, wiggle the spring out, and turn the spear counterclockwise and presto!

Now there is a recessed ring inside the keg to hold the spear. How do I remove that????

Also can you remove the triangle shaped top of the neck???

The kegs are a little larger than 13 gal and would love to use it as a primary fermenter, but that ring will collect gunk and not allow me to clean the keg.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Oct 1, 2008
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The Triangle head unscrews.
If you don't have a fitted removal bar then .....

-Find the LARGEST & HEAVIEST flat punch you can (not a round punch, you need something to "dig into" the stainless head).
-Place it horizontally against the outermost edge of one of the flat portions of the head. The punch should not be angled in or out relative to the center of the keg.
-Using the "manliest" hammer you have (beg/borrow/steal), give the punch a couple of wacks.
-Repeat on other two sides of the 3 flat head portions. You are breaking the "thread lock" evenly.
-You may now have to repeatedly, with force, hammer & punch (rotate by hitting) the head off.
-Once the head spins free, look inside. On the inner surface of the spear "cage" you may see a little S/S tab. This needs to be retracted IN by inserting a small screwdriver between the inner cage surface and the outer tab surface.
-Pull the guts out.

I hope this helps.

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