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Mar 24, 2013
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Hey everyone,

I recently had my first "Red IPA" / IRA (the only one i've ever seen at any liqour store around here), and was absolutely blown away by the malt profile of it. Generally I'm not a fan of malty IPAs, and much prefer a light, clean malt profile that doesn't get in the way of the hops. Even though this beer was lacking in the hop aroma / flavour department, it was the malt profile that made me love this beer.

It was like what i could only describe as a dry, roasty, bitter-sweet caramel, not a syrupy sweet caramel like you tend to get in the majority of malt forward IPAs. I looked the beer up on the brewery's website, and it says they use pale malts, melanoiden, and flaked oats (i'm assuming they use others as well, but this is all they mention), 6.2% abv and 21 SRM.

I'd like to try and make a beer with this malt profile, but - being very new to making recipes - i'm not sure what would be best. I put together a recipe in beersmith using approx:

30% pale 2 row
30% Munich
13% melanoiden
13% flaked oats
13% Caramel 120

Thoughts on this grain bill? Will that get me anywhere close to what i described? I've never used Caramel 120 before, is it very sweet or more roasty toffee like? Anything else you guys could add / change? Main thing is i don't want it overly sweet, i want it more dry, roasty, and bitter-sweet, but still with that distinct caramel / toffee flavour.