Help with a warm weather brew.

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Apr 17, 2012
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Got company coming so I won't be able to use my swamp coolers in my spare bath. Other than a saison, what are a few good warm weather ales/ yeasts I can brew with? Thanx. Brew on!!!!!!
I was trying to figure that out the other day as well, seems like a lot of the Belgian strains are more tolerant of heat. If you go to their websites (I just used the northern brewer website so they were all on one page) they'll give you temperature ranges. Depends on how warm you're talking though.
The white labs austrailian ale yeast is clean at higher temps. Same for the mauri dry yeast
I think that lactobacillus can be fermented hot and also pediococcus. So you could try a Berliner Wiess or some other sour type beer. I'm not sure about how hot you can ferment with Brett, but it'd be worth looking into.